It is 04.01 hrs here in Blighty and i’m wide awake. The thought of a new (God I hate this word) adventure always makes me as excited as a kid approaching Christmas. We leave for Iceland on June 17th sailing to Rotterdam first from Hull, before that though there are a few pressing matters to attend to:-

No 1 Build motorcycle

No 2 Attend HU Meet at Donington Park

No 3 Go to Simmer Dim Rally on Shetland and get wasted 🙂

The bike hasn’t been touched since returning from Central Asia all those many months ago, and although there shouldn’t be too much wrong, the rear shock was quite simply overwhelmed by the trip. I’ve sourced my bespoke shock from Mr Mike Capons’ Shock Factory and eagerly await it’s arrival, it’s fitment and it remedying the Tenere dragging it’s sorry arse around stretching chains to death.

That said I will probably be attending this weekends HU Meeting on my new arrival- a 2005 R1150GSA- assuming the osteopath can free this trapped nerve in my hip. Anyone like to comment on why I waited till my body was frankly bolloxed, before I decided to take on this “adventure” lark. Should there be a problem I shall quite simply go in the car. I’ve paid my dues to motorcycling as the very fat file residing in Arrow Park Hospital will attest to. When Kirst and myself were riding through Europe on our trip, we met Joe on the Macedonian Border. He was 19 and on his way to India via Istanbul where he was meeting up with some totty. I thought at the time if only I had gotten in to it at his age. Then I remembered all the other great things I’ve done, places I’ve been and people I’ve met- wouldn’t change a (lot) thing, lol.

Anyway goodnight people.