Boy oh boy Moscow didn’t want to let us go.

Me and my arthritic knees had been fookin walked to near death by Zebb, so i called a halt for the day. Zebb went off to the Kremlin- i went out on the bike to tackle Moscow traffic and pick up some souveniers.

Bad start as, as i started the bike the starter button fell off- whats that all about. Into traffic with my map and steam powered GPS, it was soon apparent i was out of my depth. Stop and ask. It is what any guy would do. After two minutes of my choice of helper turning the map round and round to determine the way up i thanked them and throughgenetically inherited map genius found my way to the first target- Moscow Harley. They did not in fact have ANY dealer stamped shirts (first time anywhere in the world i’ve been bothered to look) but they sorted out some geegaws and doodads- presenting one as a pressie to me for being fookin stupid. Sorry i mean’t an adventure motorcyclist, lol.

Next on the list was MC Night Wolves “Sexton Bar”. Off i went again stopping to ask. The guy said “Follow me and flew off into the trafic- me somewhat more sedately as i am nursing goosed chain and sprockets. He pointed the way and off i went only to come around to the road i’d come in on. A car beeped behind me- no change there then- i looked around and the guy had followed me. BIKER, BIKER he exclaimed. Yes, i said and he spun around and took me straight to the bar, before racing off.

The bar was shut so i went into Mr Moto next door to souvenier hunt. Fook all