3rd May Hotel George,Lviv, Ukraine.

Life is about to get a lot tougher on the road as we have been living the highlife in hotels and good camp sites. But hey that is tomorrow.

28th April. Leaving Leipzig it was motorway work to Wroclaw (pronounced VrotsLove)) on a v hot and dusty day. 200 odd miles later we pulled up at the Etap, had a beer, got changed and went to town. The city centre is lovely and bouncing with life. After feeding we cruised the centre till we came across Bernards, where a 3 piece was banging out some hard rockabilly and blues- in we went then where we bumped into Bootle boy done good Rob (mini cooper fan)and beautiful bikerchick wife Pasha. Nice to meet you both and keep in touchsmiley.

29th April, Wroclaw to Auschwitz (Centre for Reconcilliation and Discussion) More boring motorway work with the only piece of light relief being us bumping into a group of girls from Liverpool Uni hitching from Wroclaw to Budapest for the weekend. I cannot tempt the lads past the local Little Chef most of the year and they all have megabikes. At Auschwitz you can camp and they have good facilities.

30th April Auschwitz to Camping Pastewnik, Przeworsk. Never really considered Auschwitz a party site, but a group of visiting students kept me awake most of the night. Up and attem i say. We tryed the local roads but it was slow going, with major roadworks everywhere. Visited a Salt Mine and was enjoying more sunny weather, until Zebb uttered “This could be the hottest day yet Henry”. Almost immeadiately the thunderheads started to gather and boy did we kop it. Big man sized freezing cold raindrops battered us, accompanied by crazy forked lightening and deafening thunder. Bit scarey really. Camp set and we are in the bar and the conversation turned to our “tarp poles”- these stand above our heads while riding, and extend to set our tarp from- or lightening conductor rods as Zebb called them. My bowels loosened as i realised we had just ridden through the storm with the s/s poles pointing heavenward. .