Woo hoo, we did some miles today me old mateys. 302.6 miles from E&Ds’ to Leipzig. But more of that later, first the “Eggy and Dino Chronicles.

Both Zebb and myself have known Dineke and Egbert since the late eighties and have met up in both countries before now to enjoy each others company. With that in mind we arranged a stop over in Netherlands to iron out any unforseen last minute problems. Arriving Friday we did the catching up bit, then got straight into Eggys’workshop. To cut a loooong story short, Eggy with his unrelenting enthusuasm and expert craftsmanship spent 3 days transforming mine and Zebbs dogs into eminently ridable machines- although mine still suffers from being severly overweight (awaits commentssmiley). My list reads:- pannier frame repositioned and fit altered to secure pannier properly, gloop installed, aux power socket installed, seat shortened, top box mounted, luggage rack
strenghthening plates welded in, tyre mounting frame on rear of top box, lengthened handlebars by 20mm a side, fixed satnav. All inbetween firtling with Zebbs’ “ROBOBIKE” and entertaining us as a genial host along with the lovely Dineke as hostess.

Sorry i stole 3 day’s of your lives but it was worth it. Of course tossing it off for 3 days in blistering sunshine has a price to be paid, and pay we did as we set off in the rain this morning- poop! Both bikes riding like good’uns we hit the highway to head East. Following Zebb i got to 65(ish) and almost shit myself as i experienced a massive tankslapper. Slowing down the bike righted itself and i carried on to our first petrol stop at a somewhat more sedate pace. It’s just carrying too much weight too far back. Relocated spare tyres and a few more psi in the rear and off again, comfortably managing 70+ mph. The weather cleared and apart from a horrendous crash on the opposite carrageway an uneventful trip. Bring on Wroclaw.

While we are thanking people. I’d like to say thanks to Fat Wallet Carl and Fast Eddie Dodd for their efforts in making sure i left the country. Erm…. hang on a mo.