Well it had to happen in the end- i finally ran out of time to do all the things you have to do to get away. Hence why i’ve just blown nearly 100 euros on replacing equipment that is lying in my front room. We’re here near Enchede, Netherlands, enjoying the hospitality of Dino (Dineke) and Eggy (Egbert) while Eggy puts the finishing touches to the bike i’ve known was making this trip (or at least attempting to make) for the last two years- hey they don’t call me Mr Procrastination for nothing. Just little jobs like, strengthening the rack, fitting the top box/ tyre rack/ gps mount, etc, etc. The Wirral didn’t want to let me go as within 200 yards of setting off the panic set in ”Oh my God, my papers”. Frantic shuffling of paper later and Tommo returning to Zebbs place to check there, revealed my paperwork safe in my tankbag. A couple of miles later in Liverpool, Zebb had his first wobble as plumes of oily smoke started to billow from his XT. We stopped, got off the bikes to witness the disgorging of the oiltank contents over the road, path and anywhere else it could go. No drama, as closer inspection revealed he hadn’t tightened his oiltank filler cap- at least i’m not the only nugget. Boat trip was silky smooth as was the trip to Marjo and André’s place- our first stopping point. Anyone who hasn’t Dutch friends should seek some out immeadiately as their hospitality is second to none. They rode over to Goor with us next day and passed us on to Dino and Eggy where we stay over the Easter weekend. I’m furious with myself for leaving behind all the little knicknacks i’ve collected to take with me, some of which i cannot see me repalcing on the road, simply because i wouldn’t know where to get them. The good thing is that the initial sheer panic and apprehension (and i honestly felt physically sick at times) is now over because whatever we have forgotten we will have to live with(out). Finally i give a huge thanks to Zebb for sorting the paperwork out over the last year. A mammoth task, as anyone who has been on an adventure like this knows, and one he rose to conquer.